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23 May 2014

As we approach the end of the first season where mini fence has featured as part of Salle Rollo I can reflect on the terrific job Felicity Arthur has done in creating a fun, energetic class.

Her enthusiasm and class which will deliver a continuous supply of young fencers. Three of the kids currently within this class will be the first to take the next step on the pathway put in place to sustain the club membership and develop talented athletes for the future. The three will be given the opportunity to transfer what they have previously learned onto the fencing piste.

In preparation for the new season we will be again be providing opportunities for new members looking to join in the fun.


19 May 2014

On Saturday 17th May Colin Whiteford and Felicity Arthur attended at Sportscotland headquarters in Glasgow to participate in a seminar presented by Chimp Management Ltd.

This seminar discussed the mind management program introduced in Dr Steve Peters book, The Chimp Paradox. Director of Sport, Sarah Broadhead, presented various techniques to help athletes achieve a happier balance in sport. There was a particular focus on understanding our own drives and weaknesses. It was suggested that prior to applying this model to others it was necessary to have a self awareness.

The final part of the day concentrated on how teenage athletes react to challenges and why they appear to struggle to deal with minor hurdles or perform some of the tasks which adults find easy. This was an interesting input which provided an approach which should allow our committed young athletes to be happier in sport, erase unhelpful beliefs and as a result perform better.


09 May 2014

Salle Rollo is now looking to work closely with schools around the Glasgow West area. Thanks to the continuing support provided by our sponsor, Remax Scotland and the additional funding secured from Sportscotland we are able to provide mini fence tuition and fencing taster sessions.

We hope this outreach work will bolster our junior membership and provide a positive profile for our club and sponsors within our community. We are particularly keen to work with active schools coordinators.