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Salle Rollo Fencing Club was created as the result of a coaching partnership between David Rollo and Colin Whiteford.

Salle Rollo was established in April 2007. It has since been developed into the premier facility in the west of Scotland for the Olympic sport of fencing.
Continuous work is carried out to ensure the high standards are maintained and that Salle Rollo remains a vibrant club.

Salle Rollo Fencing Club is sponsored by:

Salle Rollo has recently been accredited with clubmark by Glasgowsport.

We have also built strong links with Sportscotland and the Sports Council For Glasgow.

The coaches at Salle Rollo are determined to offer the best opportunities for fencers of any ability. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran you will discover an environment which is positive and encourages you to reach for success.

Salle Rollo is situated within The High School of Glasgow , Crow Rd in Glasgow’s West End.

See our ‘contact us’ page for a map.

Salle Rollo is currently ranked amongst the best facilities in Scotland for those who already fence sabre or wish to learn. We currently have members competing for places in the British squad and who are regularly selected for Scottish national squads. Members of our Sabre section have competed at every level and have medalled at the previous Commonwealth Championships in Australia and Scotland. Our ‘Salle Rollo Grey’ squad are regularly being selected to represent Scotland in veteran events.

Salle Rollo fencers are winners of many of the competitive events held across Scotland. Our senior squad is very established. We are developing a youth section to ensure this success continues and the club survives well into the future.

Epee continues to grow within our club and Salle Rollo can provide training for epee at any level. David Rollo has prepared fencers competing to World Championship level.

Andrew Rollo also works with many of our fencers who are looking to progress towards participation in competitions. We cater for athletes involved in modern pentathlon. David and Andrew are well versed in the tactics required for fencing in this event.

Salle Rollo has a flourishing foil section. With four foil classes,athletes of all ages and experience will be able to find a class which provides a training environment to suit.

Class lessons feature for our youth section. Training for adults and our intermediate/advanced level fencers is usually provided as individual lessons.

We are currently running a project which will see stronger links with schools across Glasgow in the hope of reinvigorating schools participation in our sport.

Mini Fence
Mini fence is the first step on a pathway at Salle Rollo. We are now offering two mini fence classes to children between the ages of 7 and 10 years. This is an exciting games based class which allows children to learn the basic skills of fencing using plastic equipment. This removes the concerns of receiving a hard hit or not being able to cope with the weight of metal weapons.

Please contact Salle Rollo Fencing Club for information
re: membership and subscription costs.

We are located within; The High School of Glasgow 637 Crow Rd, Glasgow, G13 1PL